Fishing Report from Mike Smitzer


Report from Mike Smitzer

Fishing on the Gotcha with Captain David is just like being with and old friend.  First he wants to know what you might need or want the guy never says no… he is just so accommodating and the boat is so comfortable with the wide open salon and the bean bag chairs and the bench seating the salon is great,.  The business end of the boat the HUGE cockpit allows for all your friends and guests to have lots of room.  During the ride out it is easy to relax as the mate works to get things in order. Today we are targeting the deeper water snappers 200 feet deep for Vermillion and Yellow eyes and they are the best eating for my taste anyway.  And Catch them we did I had a full crew of 6 and we each could catch 5 Vermillion so that was a goal of 30 if possible and it was just one of those days when we caught one after another all day long!


The tackle was of high quality and the fish were pulling hard but we caught one after another all day long.  We fully done with a loaded fish box by two o’clock and Captain Dave Took us to a shallow reef and we went snorkeling in the clear cool waters off the reef it was the perfect end to the day.

Thank you captain David Jensen!


Call for a Trip: Capt. David Jensen (305) 360-5236

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